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Transmission Elements Outage Report for 24-03-2017

A. Details of Transmission Elements under Planned Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Agra - Biswanath Cherialli line -2Line800 kV HVDCPGCIL06-03-201710:03**30-03-2017Construction of new element -- construction of LILO works of 800kV HVDC BNC-Agra line at Alipurduar HVDC station ER
2Gaya-Varanasi 1Line765 kVPGCIL24-03-201709:2424-03-201719:55-General maintenance--- Emergency SD for replacement of insulators damaged by miscreants at loc. no. 118 and 120. ( as per Powergrid condition of insulators to be replaced is very critical)
3Balia 765 kV Bus 1BUS765 kVPGCIL24-03-201710:1524-03-201718:44-Planned annual maintenance--- AMP Works
4Bareilly II 765 kV Bus 1BUS765 kVPGCIL24-03-201710:3024-03-201718:53-Planned annual maintenance --- for AMP works
5Bassi-Phagi ckt-1Line400 kVPGCIL22-03-201712:14**24-03-2017---- for the replacement of damaged conductors of Y phase of high /jack buses of 400kv Phagi-Bassi -1 at Phagi end.
6Obra-SultanpurLine400 kVUPPTCL24-03-201708:2724-03-201720:24-Construction of new element --- for disconnection/dismantling of 54 Mtr. Span of 400kV Transfer Bus regarding erection of new 315 MVA ICT bay at Sultanpur end.
7Muradnagar-MuzaffarnagarLine400 kVUPPTCL24-03-201709:0124-03-201718:40-Polymer insulator replacement--- For replacement of porcelain disc insulators with Polymer insulators strings in the line.
8Bareilly-Unnao 2Line400 kVUPPTCL24-03-201709:1824-03-201722:06-Polymer insulator replacement---1. for replacement of porcelain disc insulators with polymer insulators strings in the line.2. Jumpers tightening etc and lopping and chopping of the trees coming in the vicinity of the line.
9Bhiwani(PG)-Kabulpur(HVPNL)Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201710:18**24-03-2017Planned annual maintenance---For annual maintenance and testing at Kabulpur by HVPNL .
10Moga(PG) -Nakodar(PSEB)Line400 kVPSEB24-03-201710:2724-03-201716:31--- General maintenance of line and sub-station equipment.
11Bareilly-Shajahanpur 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201710:2824-03-201718:59-for attending missing Jumper botls, spacers and vibration dampers at location no 11,15,4,12
12Jodhpur II-Rajwest 2Line400 kVRRVPNL24-03-201710:3324-03-201720:11-General maintenance-- forth Quarterly maintenance works line and sub station equipments etc.
13Mainpuri(PG)-Paricha(UPPTCL) -2Line400 kVUPPTCL24-03-201710:5724-03-201718:21-For strengthening of B& Y phase partially damaged jumper
14Bareilly(PG)-Moradabad(UP) 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201711:1724-03-201715:24-For testing of Bus bar protection realy
15Baghpat(PG)-Dehradun(PG)Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201711:1924-03-201713:01-To attend hot spot.
16Ballabgarh 500 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVPGCIL16-03-201710:56**24-03-2017General maintenance---For internal inspection (due to increase in fault gases )
17Azamgarh 315MVA ICT-2ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL20-03-201715:15**30-03-2017Replacement of transformer--- for replacement of this 315 MVA ICT-2 with new 500MVA ICT -2 for increasing the capacity of station.
18Auraiya 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVPGCIL21-03-201709:45**26-03-2017For replacement of Circuit Breaker from ABCB to SF6 CB at NTPC Auraiya.
19Agra 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL23-03-201711:12**30-04-2017Replacement of transformer--For replacement ( retro fitment of ) this 315MVA ICT-2 to 500MVA ICT-2 as a capacity enhancement .
20Allahabad Rewa Road 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL24-03-201708:44**25-03-2017Planned annual maintenance--- for general annual maintenance and testing works of ICT and it's bays equipments .
21Daultabad 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVHVPNL24-03-201710:3124-03-201717:28-General maintenance-- Annual maintenance of isolators .
22New Wanpoh 125 MVAR B/Reactor 1Bus Reactor400 kVPGCIL10-10-201610:09**NATake out due to low voltage.
23Chamera I 400 kV Bus 2BUS400 kVNHPC15-03-201710:15**24-03-2017Construction of new element -- for fitting of interface flange to the existing GIS bus /bay for extention of 400kv GIS by NHPC.
24Phagi 400 kV Bus 1BUS400 kVRRVPNL22-03-201712:55**24-03-2017General maintenance--- for replacement of damaged conductor of Y-Phase of high / jack bus at Phagi end (for 400kv Phagi-Bassi 1 line ) running stringing over the 400kv Main Bus 1 (Bus C) at Phagi.
25Meerut 400 kV Bus 2BUS400 kVPGCIL24-03-201708:3024-03-201716:50-Planned annual maintenance---For AMP Works
26Kaithal 400 kV Bus 1BUS400 kVPGCIL24-03-201708:4724-03-201721:30-Planned annual maintenance-- For Jumper connection of newly constrcted bay ( 413) at Kaithal S/Stn for LILO of Dadri-Malarkotla line
27Allahabad 400 kV Bus 2BUS400 kVPGCIL24-03-201709:3624-03-201723:21-General maintenance--- 1.Maintenance of Bus .2.Connection of under construction Kanpur 1&2 bays to existing BUS.
28panipat-Dhulkote 2Line220 kVBBMB27-02-201707:50**25-03-2017For replacement of old and damaged conductor in the line by BBMB.
29Barnala(BBMB)-Sangrur(BBMB) 1Line220 kVBBMB18-03-201707:45**24-03-2017 for overhauling of SF-6 breaker (CGM Make) at 220kv Sub-station Sangrur by BBMB.
30Dhulkote(BBMB)-Ganguwal(BBMB) 1Line220 kVBBMB18-03-201707:50**25-03-2017Diverson of Line--- work by BBMB for erection and commissioning of 2 nos new towers and 1 no. dismentalment of existing tower for providing adequate clearance of fly over b/w span no.299-300 of 220kv GWL-DKT line due to 4 lanning of Zirakpur -Patiala of NH 64 ( deposit works of Pb.PW (B&R)department).
31Dhulkote(BBMB)-Ganguwal(BBMB) 2Line220 kVBBMB18-03-201708:35**25-03-2017Diverson of Line--- work by BBMB for erection and commissioning of 2 nos new towers and 1 no. dismentalment of existing tower for providing adequate clearance of fly over b/w span no.299-300 of 220kv GWL-DKT line due to 4 lanning of Zirakpur -Patiala of NH 64 ( deposit works of Pb.PW (B&R)department).
32AD Hydro(ADHY)-Nallagarh(PG) 1Line220 kVADHYDRO24-03-201709:0924-03-201717:57-General maintenance--- preventive maintenance works of line and complete AD Hydro swichyard.
33AD Hydro(ADHY)-Phojal(HP)Line220 kVADHYDRO24-03-201709:1224-03-201717:51-Polymer insulator replacement--- preventive maintenance works of line and complete AD Hydro swichyard.
34Sitarganj 100 MVA ICT-2ICT220/132 kVPGCIL24-03-201709:0124-03-201719:28-Planned annual maintenance--- for AMP WORKS
35Rai Bareilly 100 MVA ICT-1ICT220/132 kVPGCIL24-03-201710:5024-03-201719:20-For AMP Works of transformer and its bays equipments by Powergrid.
36FSC of Pampore-1 at KishnprFSC220 kVPGCIL30-10-201212:00**NALine length has reduced after LILO work completion
37FSC of Pampore-2 at KishnprFSC220 kVPGCIL30-10-201212:00**NALine length has reduced after LILO work completion
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

B. Details of Transmission Elements under Forced Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Balia-Varanasi 1Line765 kVPGCIL24-03-201713:2524-03-201714:36-Tripped during testing of Bus -I
2Balia - Gaya Line765 kVPGCIL24-03-201713:2524-03-201713:53-Tripped during testing of Bus -I
3Balia-Lucknow IILine765 kVPGCIL24-03-201713:2524-03-201714:45-Tripped during testing of Bus -I
4Varanasi 1500 MVA ICT 2ICT765/400 kVPGCIL24-03-201714:3624-03-201720:35-Phase to phase fault PRV tripped, Y-Phas
5765 kV (3*80) 240 MVAR Line Reactor (Non-Switchable) of Mainpuri 765(UP) at G.Noida 765(UP)Line Reactor765 kVUPPTCL01-03-201719:33**25-03-2017RPH Bushing oil leakage
6Bamnauli(DTL)-Jatikala(PG) 1Line400 kVDTL22-05-201620:29**NATower damage (First dead end tower from Bamnauli S/S) / Ckt-II charge through ERS tower
7Jodhpur II-Merta 1Line400 kVRRVPNL23-03-201713:18**NAOver voltage.
8Kota(PG)-Merta(RVPNL) 1Line400 kVPGCIL23-03-201718:0224-03-201707:30-Over voltage.
9Merta-RatangarhLine400 kVRRVPNL23-03-201718:0224-03-201707:34-Over voltage.
10Allahabad-Fatehpur 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201709:5424-03-201710:16-operation of Reactor Back-up protection
11Allahabad(PG)-Rihand(NTPC) 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201709:5424-03-201710:15-operation of Reactor Back-up protection
12Kashipur(UTT)-Moradabad(UP)Line400 kVUPCL24-03-201711:2024-03-201713:26-Phase to earth faultB-Ph
13Bareilly-Shajahanpur 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201715:1824-03-201715:48-Phase to phase faultR-B Fault
14Bareilly(PG)-Moradabad(UP) 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201716:4224-03-201719:38-Bus bar relay testing
15Bikaner-Didwana 1Line400 kVRRVPNL24-03-201717:52**NA.
16Akal-Jodhpur IILine400 kVRRVPNL24-03-201718:18**NA.
17Kalisindh 315 MVA ICTICT400/220 kVRRVPNL04-06-201615:50**NABuchholz relay operated.
18Bawana 315 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVDTL11-12-201608:37**NAFire in ICT-1
19Anpara 100 MVA ICT 2ICT400/132 kVUPPTCL15-02-201720:25**30-03-2017DGA test values are poor
20Hisar 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVPGCIL23-03-201716:0124-03-201704:28-Manually Tripped due to Sparking in Isolator
21 Bareilly 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL05-08-200700:00**NAFailure of Reactor.
22 Sarnath 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL16-02-200906:14**NAFailure of Reactor.
23Wagoora 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVPGCIL22-04-201518:56**NATake out due to low voltage.
24FSC ( 50% ) of Koteshwar Pool -2 at Meerut (PG)FSC400 kVPGCIL16-07-201513:01**NAFire in FSC-2 at Meerut.
25FACT at BLB in Knp-BLB LineFACTS400 kVPGCIL02-07-201610:20**NAY-Phase current imbalance
26FSC (40%) of Kanpur-II at Ballabgarh(PG)FSC400 kVPGCIL14-03-201710:58**NAB phase signal column failure at Ballabgarh
27Fatehabad 765 (UP) 125 MVAR (400kV) Bus Reactor 1Bus Reactor400 kVUPPTCL20-03-201716:18**NATo attend oil leakage in B-phase Bushing
28FSC (40%) of Kanpur-III at Ballabgarh(PG)FSC400 kVPGCIL24-03-201714:00**NAFailure of DC supply
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

C. Details of Transmission Elements Opened manually due to High Voltage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalRemarks
1Meerut - MogaLine765 kVPGCIL24-03-201700:5324-03-201707:00 
2Bhiwani -MeerutLine765 kVPGCIL24-03-201703:2224-03-201707:14 
3Bareilly II -Lucknow II - 1Line765 kVPGCIL24-03-201717:3724-03-201717:51 
4Bhiwani-Jind 1Line400 kVPGCIL07-03-201721:43**** 
5Ratangarh-Suratgarh 2Line400 kVRRVPNL09-03-201716:25**** 
6Baspa(HP)-Karchamwangtoo(JP) 1Line400 kVJPHYDRO15-03-201720:1725-03-201710:40 
7Ratangarh-Suratgarh 1Line400 kVRRVPNL16-03-201715:34**** 
8Jalandhar(PG)-Samba(PG) 1Line400 kVNRSS2916-03-201723:5324-03-201709:36 
9Bikaner-Didwana 1Line400 kVRRVPNL23-03-201717:3624-03-201706:27 
10Akal-Jodhpur IILine400 kVRRVPNL23-03-201717:5024-03-201706:14 
11Jhakri(SJVNL)-Karchamwangtoo(JP) 1Line400 kVJPHYDRO23-03-201720:2724-03-201705:27 
12Jhakri-Panchkula 2Line400 kVPGCIL23-03-201720:4024-03-201705:31 
13Fatehabad-HisarLine400 kVPGCIL23-03-201721:1924-03-201709:17 
14Chamera pool-Jalandhar 1Line400 kVPGCIL23-03-201722:0724-03-201705:40 
15Nallagarh-Patiala 2Line400 kVPGCIL23-03-201722:0724-03-201705:35 
16Chamera I(NHPC)-Jalandhar(PG) 2Line400 kVPGCIL23-03-201722:0824-03-201705:44 
17Abdullapur-Karchamwangtoo 2Line400 kVJPL23-03-201722:1024-03-201705:50 
18Amritsar-Parb-pol 1Line400 kVPGCIL23-03-201722:1024-03-201705:25 
19Nallagarh(PG)-Parbati Pool(PG)Line400 kVPKTCL23-03-201722:1024-03-201705:32 
20Jalandhar-Kurukshetra(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL23-03-201722:1124-03-201706:39 
21Kurukshetra(PG)-Nakodar(PSEB)Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201700:4724-03-201706:35 
22Jodhpur II-Rajwest 1Line400 kVRRVPNL24-03-201703:2224-03-201707:14 
23Jhakri(SJVNL)-Karchamwangtoo(JP) 2Line400 kVJPHYDRO24-03-201720:2425-03-201705:28 
24Fatehabad-HisarLine400 kVPGCIL24-03-201720:2925-03-201707:24 
25Jhakri-Panchkula 2Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201720:3825-03-201705:32 
26Jalandhar-Kurukshetra(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201721:3425-03-201707:26 
27Kurukshetra(PG)-Nakodar(PSEB)Line400 kVPGCIL24-03-201721:38**** 
28Abdullapur-Karchamwangtoo 1Line400 kVJPL24-03-201722:2225-03-201706:08 
** - Line shall be closed subject to voltage permissibility