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Challanges Faced and Lesson Learnt in Implementation of First Synchrophasors Project in Northern India
Experience of commissioning of PMUs Pilot Project in The Northern Region of India NPSC 2010
Operational Experience of Synchrophasor Pilot Project CBIP Conference 5 PA
Mock Black start Excellent Learning Experience CBIP Conference 5 PA
Reactive Power and system frequency relationship : A case study.
Power Exchange Implementation in India
Empowering India through Integrated Grid Operation
Application of phase angle measurment - CIGRE-2008
Transparency In Power System Operation
Relevance of Knowledge Management in Control Centres
A Novel Settlement / Arbitrage Scheme - Use Of Asynchronous Inter-Regional Links In India
Facilitating Open Access Without Compromising Grid Security
Visualization And Human Factors In Electric Power System Operation
Significance Of UI Mechanism In Indian Electric Supply Industry
Frequency Response Characterstics of An Interconnected Power System - A Case Study of Regional Grids in India
Advance Concept of Automation in Energy Control Centres
Paper on Protection System Performance
Deployment of SPS in Northern Region Dec 2011
Smart Grid initiative at Super Grid Level In India Hyderabad
A Near Miss - 2009/11/28 at 1326hrs
261_Application of Synchrophasor for Grid Event Analysis in INDIA
An Indian Experience of defense Against Blackouts and Restoration Mechanism Followed
Application of Synchrophasors
Smart Grid initiative at Super Grid level in India_ IE conference 15-16 July 2009_Hyderabad
Application of Synchrophasors for Over Voltage Tripping Analysis-A case study in Northern Regional Power System of India – 6th International Power System & Automation conference-2014
Mock Black Start Experience in Northern Region of India – CBIP Water & Energy journal-2015
Enhancing resilience of the North Indian Power System against pollution and foggy weather - An Experience – CIGRE-2016
Synchrophasor Based Real Time Monitoring of Grid Events in Indian Power System – IEEE POWERCON 2016
Challenges faced and solutions for Network modelling and implementation of State Estimator at NRLDC-PECCON 2017


Blackout Watch - Indian Blackout 2010
Efficient Data Management - IT-power synergy to improve efficienecy
A Tribute To Power Systems Guru - Charles Concordia
ABC Of ABT - A Primer on Availability Tariff
A Poetry On UI
A Story In Quotes
GridMgmt Overview Nov2007 Electrical India
Realising A Collective Vision Through Non Cooperation
SCADA in Indian Power System
Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Certificates Indian Context
Book Review

Statutory Documents

Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC)
Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC) First Amendment
Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC) Second Amendment
Operating Procedure of Northern Region 2016-17
Important Grid Element in Northern Region:2016-17
Revised Congestion Management Procedure in Real-Time System Operation

CERC related docs

Revised Congestion Management Procedure in Real-Time System Operation
Format affidavits on " No Objection or Prior Standing Clearance" for Bilateral transactions(except for Intra-day/contingency transaction)
Format affidavits on " No Objection or Prior Standing Clearance" for Collective transactions for day ahead and intra-day/Contingency Bilateral transactions
" No Objection or Prior Standing Clearance" letter from Secretary, CERC
"Procedure for Assessment of Frequency Response Characteristic (FRC) of Control Areas in Indian Power System"

Other Documents

Report of the Committee on Manpower Certification and incentives
Procedure For Bilateral Transactions
Grid Disturbance on 12.10.2007
Draft Report on Rate of Change of Frequency (df/dt)
Approach Paper for Assessment of Transfer Capability in the Indian Bulk Electric Power
Grid Disturbance Report of 2nd Jan 2010
Synchrophasors Initiative in India June 2012
MoM of Winter Preparedness meeting on 19th Nov 2012 at NRLDC

Site Meter Reliability, Security and Economy in Power Transmission (Best viewed with 1280 by 800 Screen Resolution) Website Monitoring